Vadim Braydov freelance photojournalist based in Ufa, Russia. Born in 1987, he bought his first film camera in 2009 while at a concert tour of his punk band. He collaborates with TakieDela.ru, Associated Press, agency ITAR-TASS, "Kommersant" newspaper. His work has also been published in New York Times (Lens), Chicago Tribune, Berlingske (DK), Svenska Dagbladet, LeMonde, Stern, Spiegel, etc. Vadim considers photography as another tool to explore the world. In his work, he tries not to maniulate the events.
Open for assignments.

E-mail: me@vadimbraydov.ru
Facebook: Vadim Braydov
Telegram: @braydov

Awards, exhibitions:
2017 - 3d Prize and exhibition, "Premio Internacional de Fotografía Luis Valtueña", Spain;
2017 - "Редколлегия" award, Russia;
2016 - 1st Prize in the "Efremov photojournalism contest. Federal news, series", Russia;
2016 - 2nd place in the "Stenin international photo contest. Top news, series", Russia;
2016 - Group exhibition "To jest Rosja", Warsaw, Poland;
2015 - Finalist in the International photo festival “Photoparade in Uglich", Russia.